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George Rekers, the anti-gay, Christian pastor caught returning from a European holiday with a young escort certainly cannot escape his disgrace. In the final days of campaigning here in Florida it seems that Bill McCollum, a GOP Senator cannot escape the association either. Candidate – and fellow Republican – Rick Scott is reminding perspective voters that McCollum appointed Rekers to testify for Florida’s gay adoption ban in court.

It is one of the first attacks on McCollum coming from another Republican candidate. The flyer – with the words Sex, Lies & Videotape written on each side – ridicules McCollum’s gross abuse of funds by hiring Rekers and paying him more than $120,000 to appear in the trial that ultimately banned adoption by gay people in Florida.

The flyer, with footnotes to back up Scott’s issues with the McCollum-Rekers relationship, bluntly states that McCollum “wasted our money and showed poor judgment.”

While any information against McCollum, who also wishes to outlaw gay foster parents is welcome in defeating his reelection bid, Scott did not do his research thoroughly either. The flyer says Rekers was caught in Europe with the escort, he was actually caught at Miami International Airport. The judge which did not find Rekers’ testimony “credible” was Judge Cindy Lederman, who is considered to be a liberal activist.

However, Scott’s position on gay adoption is not discussed which is disconcerting to say the least.

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