(EDGE) Despite the reported appointment of three anti-gay pols with ties to SPLC-designated hate groups to the Trump transition team, Gregory T. Angelo of gay conservative group Log Cabin Republicans seems to think his organization will have influence with the incoming administration. Now he's asking for money to protect the advances in LGBT rights gained under eight years of the Obama administration.

"For the past three weeks, I've been in regular communication with the Trump Transition Team, the group tasked with organizing personnel and policy for our president-elect," wrote Angelo in a statement released by LCR Thursday night.

It bears noting that according to the Human Rights Campaign, anti-LGBT pols Ken Blackwell, Ed Meese and Kay Cole James have all reportedly been tapped as members of Trump's transition team.

Blackwell and James have both served as officials with the SPLC-designated anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council. Meese, a former U.S.. Attorney General has said that marriage equality "shows how the culture has deteriorated over two centuries."

However apparently dangerous to LGBT rights Blackwell, James and Meese may be, Angelo sees pro-LGBT Democrats as the problem.

"While Log Cabin Republicans was working to have a relationship with our nation's incoming chief executive, the LGBT Left was busy demonizing Donald Trump and fundraising off of bogeymen," Angelo wrote.

"While LGBT liberals were breathlessly lamenting this fact to the New York Times, Log Cabin Republicans was quietly working behind-the-scenes to ensure the advances in LGBT freedom we have made thus far remain secure and continue in a Trump administration," Angelo continued.

Yet despite his divisive tone, after asking for donations ranging from $50 to $250, Angelo echoed President-Elect Trump's words.

"Log Cabin Republicans will continue to work for full equality on behalf of all LGBT Americans. That's my vow, and it's why I'm writing to you tonight," he concluded.