As members of the LGBT community and others, including Ivanka Trump, celebrated Pride Month throughout June, one voice was silent – President Donald Trump.

Although the White House issued proclamations for National Homeownership Month, Great Outdoors Month, National Ocean Month, African-American Music Appreciation Month, and National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, Pride Month was not commemorated in June. As of June 30, has also failed to use his favorite platform, Twitter, to commemorate the occasion.

Left leaning groups attacked Trump over his slight. But local Log Cabin Republicans aren’t concerned.

Vincent Foster, president of the Miami-Dade Log Cabin Republicans, said Pride Month events were “just acts and overt displays of sexual indulgence” with people “tossing condoms and lube out” and men in “assless chaps.”

“It’s debauchery. It really makes our community look terrible. I don’t think that it’s significant at all that President Trump did not recognize Pride Month. As a gay conservative, I think Pride does more damage to our community than anything positive. It does nothing to promote our rights.”

In 1999, Bill Clinton was the first president to declare June as Pride Month. President George W. Bush didn’t issue any Pride proclamations but President Barack Obama did every year of his presidency.

LGBT groups criticized Trump for his failure to follow in Obama’s tradition.

“We’re six days into #PrideMonth and @realDonaldTrump has yet to issue a proclamation. Look what he's doing instead,” wrote GLAAD on Twitter, referring to Trump’s decision to meet with anti-LGBT leaders. GLAAD has repeatedly brought up Trump’s silence. As recently as June 29, the organization tweeted on the issue by stating that Trump had time to “attack” Morning Joe hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski on Twitter but not mention Pride Month.

Foster also said he thinks Trump is better for the LGBT community than Obama when it comes to issues like protection from “Muslim terrorists,” especially after the Pulse Nightclub attack in June of 2016.

He lauded Trump’s travel ban, which places severe travel restrictions on individuals from six majority-Muslim countries – Iran, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. Foster said he doesn’t believe all Muslims want to target the LGBT community but he endorses Trump’s actions to try and stop the small percentage who do. “I think he’s doing phenomenally.”

Andy Eddy, a founding member of the Broward Log Cabin Republican Club, said it would have been nice if Trump mentioned Pride Month. But he’s not too worried about it. “I’m not terribly upset.”

He said his organization is focused on trying to get Trump to work with them on LGBT issues. He compared today’s Log Cabin struggle against right wing conservatives to the one the Dolphin Democrats used to have with conservative Democrats.

As for which issues he’s concerned most about, Eddy said HIV/AIDS is still a concern and his primary focus is funding to fight the disease. “Bathroom rights [for transgender individuals] isn’t the end of the world when people are dying and need medication.”

Scott Herman, the president of the Dolphin Democrats, pushed back against his Republican counterparts.

“Pride is an essential part of our community. The Dolphin Democrats have proudly had a booth on the Drive to educate our community in light of number 45 being elected,” he said. “Pride also brings together every faction of the community. It’s the one time of year we have veterans, Democrats, elected officials, candidates for public office, and many others present in an atmosphere of being safe.”