LGBT Republicans Loud, Out, And Proud



The new director of the Log Cabin Republicans is urging LGBT Republicans to be out, loud and proud.

Jerri Ann Henry, explained that after events she attends several LGBT Republicans will come up to her and say “I’m a Republican like you, but shhh!”

Henry, who is a married lesbian, recently took the helm of the LCR from Gregory T. Angelo.

Henry explained to the Daily Beast what she would do if she had the opportunity to meet President Trump.

“I can’t let my frustrations with Trump force me away from a solution… I am not interested in a meeting just for the sake of a meeting but I would take a meeting to work on policy and there’s a lot of work that can be done.”

She also added that in the near future if anyone wants to get anything done that both sides will need to work together to get anything accomplished.

“It’s all punchy and calling each other out and everyone acting as warriors against each other who can find no compromise,” she said. “This needs to stop.”

Henry’s long-term vision for a more inclusive Republican Party will require getting through at least two more years of the Trump administration first.

According to the Pew Research Center a considerable number of Republicans are now in favor of LGBT rights. Some LGBT people are themself Republicans, Pew data indicates that 18 percent of lesbian, gay and bisexual voters lean to the right.

Locally Congressman Carlos Curbelo, who is straight, is also a Log Cabin Republican ally. Congressman Curbelo grew up in Miami and has been a co-sponsor on the “Respect for Marriage Act,” the “Safe Schools Improvement Act,” and the “Fair and Equal Housing Act.” Curbelo also voted for the LGBT-inclusive Amd.

In the article Henry urged LGBT conservatives to speak up to have their voices heard if they want a more inclusive Republican Party.

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