Broward County Mayor Ken Keechl was one of the many politicians, gay and straight, who made their case for the gay vote in upcoming elections at the Caucus.

“I have an allegedly Democratic opponent” Keechl said, referring to Bev Kennedy, “although she’s [switched her affiliations many times] and she’s not much of a threat really. But she is a representative example of a problem that we have.This woman was apparently telling a Democratic club the other night that I’m on the verge of being indicted.That’s not good for our party...especially because it’s not true.”


From there, Keechl launched a full-scale defense/offense maneuver against the politicians who are apparently in cahoots with each other, trying to connect him to various scandals including the so-far-unrelated arrest of County Com- missioner Diana Wasserman Rubin on corruption charges.

“My real opponent is a Republican,” Keechl continued.“This is a guy who’s the head of the Broward Republican Party.Well, I met this guy when I heard that he might run against me.We sat down and had a glass of wine together.And do you know what this guy said to me?”

“Now, this guy is only 37 or 38 years old,” Keechl said in reference to his opponent Chip LaMarca,“and he said to me ‘I just want you to know I don’t have anything against gays... In fact, I was just telling all my friends the other day that not all gay men wear dresses.’”

From there, Keechl went on to describe some of the anti-gay and anti-immigrant Facebook groups that LaMarca has been a member of or posts that were made to his page in the past.
“Just don’t think that someone like that won’t take our rights away from us,” said Keechl.