(WB) The president of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights on Dec. 5 reiterated her support of marriage rights for same-sex couples.

“There’s only one race in the world and that’s the human race,” said Margarette May Macaulay during a hearing on marriage rights for same-sex couples in the Americas that took place at the commission’s headquarters in D.C. “And if there’s only one race, the human race, all humans are entitled to the same rights. It is a fundamental, easy, easy thing to accept if one is a thinking human being, but of course common sense is not so common.”

“You go further, it follows logically that, so therefore, same-sex couples, the LGBTI family are entitled to family which embodies all the rights attached to marriage as an accepted norm,” she added. 

Macaulay, who is from Jamaica, made her comments after activists from Chile, Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and the U.S. spoke during the hearing.