2016 Democratic presidential frontrunner Hilary Clinton called for an end to harmful gay conversion therapy on minors via social media Monday. Her call to arms against reparative therapy for kids echoes part of the agenda on LGBT equality that her campaign unveiled last week.

"As president, I will continue to fight so that LGBT Americans and families can live, work, and pray free of discrimination. I will not settle for anything less," Clinton said in a statement last week. "It is unacceptable that LGBT kids continue to be discriminated against and bullied at school, a restaurant can refuse to serve a transgender person, and a same-sex couple is at risk of being evicted from their home. We have to do better. And it's why I will continue to fight so every person and every family is treated with respect and dignity no matter who they are or who they love."

The practice of gay conversion therapy on minors has been under fire in recent years. In California, New Jersey and Oregon, the practice is banned. Earlier this month, the city of Cincinnati outlawed the practice as well.