(EDGE) In his latest money-grabbing email to followers, Tony Perkins of the anti-LGBT hate group Family Research Council is making it very clear to the misguided faithful: the gays are coming to take away your freedom, so donate to us and vote Republican.

"This past July in Philadelphia, the radical LGBTQ+ activist leader had this stark message for Christians: We win, you lose," wrote Perkins to followers on Monday. "Their goal is to exploit all the media attention focused on the upcoming election to further their agenda at the expense of your freedom to believe. In the midst of this battle, we are called to stand and to be faithful no matter how much the Left mocks God and persecutes Christians."

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The battle mentioned by Perkins will be fought by his newly launched "Pre-Election Freedom Campaign," which he says will "counter the Left's dark agenda to destroy religious freedom in America."

So, how much will "freedom" cost the faithful this time? According to Perkins' money grab, about $175,000.

"We must cut through the Left's blaring propaganda trumpeted by the mainstream media. That's why FRC must raise $175,000 as soon as possible," Perkins writes. "Your emergency gift today will help us reach this important goal and enable FRC to counter the mistruths of the Left with our own media blitz."

"If you value your freedom, use it now or you could very well lose it," Perkins concluded.

According to Charity Navigator, Perkins drew a salary of $156,524 in 2015.