In May, detractors of openly gay Rep. Greg Harris, angry that he had not called for a vote on marriage equality, pointed out that the man who would have enjoyed the glory for the bill's passage would carry the blame for its shortfall.

Harris had declined to call for a vote on the bill before session ended in May because he doubted that the bill had the votes to pass. He was keeping a promise to call the bill only when he had the votes, but some felt he was doubling back on another to call the bill before spring session ended. Harris told supporters that his colleagues vowed to back the bill during fall veto session.

On Nov. 5, Harris stopped being the man who failed to call for a vote in May and became the force behind the passage of marriage equality in Illinois. With just one vote to spare, Harris called for a passed SB10, the Religious Freedom and Marriage Fairness Act. The bill's passage will result in same-sex marriage in Illinois in June 2014.

Harris took a few moments with Windy City Times to reflect on what changed between spring and fall that led to the bill's passage and the second-guessing he did in-between.

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