GOP Triumphs in Florida and Congress

There were few surprises in Tuesday night’s election with the exception of such huge margins by which Republicans kept control of the Sunshine State.  Marco Rubio (R) won the Senate seat that Kendrick Meek (D) had hoped to claim. Rick Scott (R) won the Governorship over Alex Sink (D) and even at the local level Chip LaMarca overtook Broward County’s first gay mayor to become the newest addition to the county commission.

There were some Democrats who were able to keep their seats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Ted Deutch and Alcee Hastings in the US House of Representatives.

To view the entire tally of who won and lost in Broward County elections, visit:

To view the results for State-wide elections visit:

The big wins in Florida come as no surprise because Republicans were expected to do well in even traditional democratic strongholds. Well financed campaigns and constant media presence gave Republicans a majority in the House of Representatives where only a few did not make it to the finish in spite of being personally endorsed by Sarah Palin who is now considered something of a Republican Party mastermind.

One such candidate that did not win her election in Delaware was Christine O’Donnell. O’Donnell became a household name because of her extreme views on odd topics like masturbation and her strange campaign commercial touting that she was “not a witch”.

But another Sarah Palin pick, Rand Paul won his election in Kentucky and immediately told television cameras that his election was “a sign”, “a wake-up call”, “a message” and that he and his party were “going to take [their] country back.”

Nancy Pelosi will no longer Speaker of the House, that job title now belongs to John Boehner from Ohio who became known to most Americans when he stood in front of congress and shouted “Hell No You Can’t” in response to the passage of healthcare reform last year.  Republicans have outlined that their plans for America include, limiting the size of government, ending taxes and the IRS, reversing healthcare reform, reducing the deficit and the national debt, and removing Barack Obama from his presidency.


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