The world of American politics has (in most areas) gotten far gay-friendlier since Harvey Milk first entered the scene so long ago. Today, we have an openly gay senator, mayors, congressmen, and more. Still, LGBT politicians can face opposition while in office in the form of discrimination from their peers, or, depending on where they are running for office, LGBT candidates might be not voted for due to their sexual orientation, regardless of wherever they may stand on the issues.

Fortunately, we have the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund.  

This organization is the largest resource for LGBT individuals in politics. Since 1991, the Victory Fund has helped thousands of openly LGBT candidates win election to local, state and federal offices. This year, Victory is endorsing no less than 18 LGBT candidates around the country.

“Victory is proud to announce another diverse slate of candidates for public office this month,” Chuck Wolfe, president and chief executive officer at the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund, said in a statement.  “These 18 candidates represent each region of the United States and will better increase LGBT public official representation.”

Check them out below!

Endorsed Candidates

  •  David Campos – Candidate for State Assembly, California
  •  Eileen Duff – Candidate for Governor’s Council, Massachusetts
  •  Jim Evans – Candidate for Harris County Family Court Judge, Texas
  •  Mike Evans – Candidate for County Council of Jefferson County, Missouri
  •  Kay Floyd – Candidate for State Senate, Oklahoma
  •  Greg Greeley – Candidate for School Board of Arlington County, Virginia
  •  Susan Guinn – Candidate for County Assessor of San Diego County, California
  •  Sara Martinez – Candidate for Justice of the Peace of Dallas, Texas
  •  Randy New – Candidate for State Representative, Georgia 
  •  James Owens – Candidate for State Representative, Oregon
  •  Lisa Schultz – Candidate for District Court Judge of Las Cruces, New Mexico
  •  Rudy Serra – Candidate for State Representative, Michigan
  •  Kyle Thorson – Candidate for State Representative, North Dakota

Incumbent Endorsed Candidates

  •  Angie Buhl O’Donnell – Candidate for State Senate, South Dakota
  •  Brian McGrain – Candidate for County Commissioner of Ingham County, Michigan
  •  Paul Rosenthal – Candidate for State Representatives, Colorado
  •  Sam Yingling – Candidate for State Representative, Illinois
  •  Ed Zipprich – Candidate for City Council of Red Bank, New Jersey

For more information on the candidates and the Victory Fund, check them out here.