David Richardson has just become Tallahassee’s first openly gay representative.

Richardson amassed 33 percent of the votes, for a total of 3,059 out of 9,260 votes.

Four Democrats were running for South Florida’s district 113, which covers all of Miami Beach (per recent redistricting, the city is wholly in one district for the first time), a bit of South Beach, a bit of Downtown Miami, and a bit of Little Havana. No Republicans were running, which means that Richardson directly won the seat.

Richardson was the only candidate running in the primaries endorsed by both Equality Florida and SAVE Dade, the state’s top LGBT rights groups.

Richardson said he’s a “realist” when it comes to the LGBT population he’ll be serving.

“I feel strongly about equality. We have to get there by taking small steps. But my experience has shown me that we never make true progress until we sit at the table,” he said.

“You can be fired in Florida for being gay. I think that’s one of the first things that needs to be changed.” He added that he wouldn’t be spending all of his time working on LGBT issues, that there’s education and taxing and environmental issues to worry about too, but that he “won’t be afraid to bring it up.”