Florida LGBT Activists Slam ‘Wheathercock’ Charlie Crist for Party Switch, Gay Marriage Stance

Charlie Crist

Former Florida Gov. Charlie Crist is facing hurricane-like winds after officially becoming a Democrat, with many accusing him of being a flip-flopper, including LGBT activists.

After completing his conversion on Dec. 13, Crist said his biggest regret as a Republican was his 2006 decision to support a ban on gay marriage in the state’s Constitution.

“Would I do it today? No,” Crist told the Tampa Bay Times. “I think the best way to judge where my heart is, is to look at the deeds that I have done, whether as attorney general, governor — restoration of rights, civil rights cases, things of that nature, that I think show a compassionate heart and hopefully someone who cares and knows who the boss is — and the boss is the people of Florida.”

But local LGBT activists were not so fast to forgive Crist. Here are some of the comments, as posted by The Miami Herald.

Dennis Godfrey: “Michael, the man is a politician which means by its very nature, he's an opportunist. There are true public servants WHICH ARE FEW ... and then there are politicians. We all know he's the latter. This should come as no surprise to anyone who's switched on.”

Wayne Dansbury: “Like Rhett Butler 'I hate waste!' With that in mind, let's send 'Goodtime Charlie' back to school. Let him run for a state office -- say state representative.”

Pamela Kissinger: “He didn't "come out" ... he just changed coats, for he thinks a better opportunity. Wolf, is a Wolf, is a Wolf. Like him, I do not.”

To top it off, the Herald ran an illustration on Dec. 17 depicting Crist as a weathercock, a vane often in the figure of a cock mounted so as to turn freely with the wind and show its direction, according to Merriam-Webster dictionary.

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