Desperation is shown by a candidate running for a spot in the Florida House of Representatives when he made allegations against his opponent involving “bully[ing] mothers and grandmothers,” and amongst other things.

Referring to his opponent as “Angry Alex,” Cris Dosev released a false and transphobic ad attacking Andrade July 21 after Andrade called him a “Never Trumper” the day before on his Facebook.

Dosev and Andrade are both Republicans, running against each other for District 2 in August 2020. Andrade has been a representative since 2018, while Dosev has never been a member.

Dosev's ad features video clips of a trans woman and a clip from a documentary on "Drag Queen Story Time," with the narrator claiming that Andrade sponsored the “gay rights bill that paves the way for men to play on girls’ sports teams and men to go in girls’ bathrooms.”

When asked by MSN if Dosev thought his ad was offensive to the LGBT community, he responded by saying he was speaking to voters in the Panhandle.

"This is the Panhandle," Dosev said. "You're not going to have that guy dressed up like that show up at the Pensacola public library, and you're not going to have all these folks in the Panhandle, conservative Christians, flocking to the library to hear storytime. They're just not going to do it."

What Andrade did support was the Florida Competitive Workforce Act in 2019, which would have prohibited discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity in public lodging and food service establishments against LGBT workers if it passed, according to the Florida Senate webpage. 

"Cris Dosev has been running for some type of office for the past almost 3,000 days, and he has yet to give a voter a single reason to vote for him," Andrade said, according to MSN. "And no amount of lies about me and my conservative body of work is a reason to vote for him."

Jon Harris Maurer, the Public Policy Director of Equality Florida, said “this outrageous transphobia is a desperate move, even for Dosev” in a press release.

“Dosev is trying to score cheap political points off the backs of minorities because he’s being dogged by ethics complaints and allegations of violating federal trademark law for erroneously implying endorsement from groups that don’t support him. Dosev is trying to scare voters into supporting him with tactics that are refuted by decades of data. He’s not just out of touch with Floridians, he’s far out of touch with his own voter base,” said Maurer.