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For a man who likes to fix things, the Florida Democratic Party is the ultimate challenge.

Ken Evans, who coordinated LGBT outreach for the Hillary Clinton campaign in Florida, was elected to serve as state committeeman for the Broward Democratic Party on Saturday. More than 600 Democrats attended the election held at the Signature Grand in Davie.

“I do have a reputation statewide and locally of being very fair and a problem solver,” Evans said. “I like fixing things. I see a problem and I try to solve it.”

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Only elected county precinct committee people were permitted to vote in the party’s reorganization.

Evans defeated Thad Hamilton for the position of state committeeman, 272 votes to 66 votes. Hamilton, a retired U.S. Army Lt. Colonel, was the Democratic nominee for Florida Commissioner of Agriculture and Consumer Services in 2014.

Elsewhere, Cynthia Busch was elected party chair, ending a 20-year reign by Mitch Ceasar. Joining Busch and Evans as new leaders of the Broward Democrats are: Grace Carrington, state committeewoman; Rick Hoye, first vice chair; Ricky Nettina, second vice chair; Stacy Boegem, recording secretary; Seth Platt, treasurer and Joshua A. Simmons, corresponding secretary. 

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Next up for Evans is deciding who will lead Florida’s Democratic Party. With more than 600,000 registered Democrats, Broward County has a major say in the state’s reorganization in January.

“The next state chair has to have the insight to reach out to everyone – grass roots and big donors,” Evans said.

Florida has not had a Democratic Governor since Buddy MacKay left office in 1999.