It's been a whirlwind watching Donald Trump make a bid for the White House next year - everything from his speeches at the epic 2016 GOP Presidential debate last week has been truly fascinating. But The Donald's latest remarks, regarding the LGBT community, have been pretty interesting. When the businessman and former reality star stopped by "Meet the Press" last weekend, he said he supports nondiscrimination protections of gay works, saying no one should be fired because of their sexuality.

Host Chuck Todd asked Trump if private companies should be able to can employees because they are gay.

"Well, it's a big discussion and I guess it's getting a lot of negative rulings right now, and I'm willing courts to go with what the courts are saying," the billionaire said.

Todd asked the question again and Trump responded saying, "I don't think it should be a reason, no." The Advocate points out he referred to a recent court decision on the matter but there haven't been any major rulings on the issue. Though the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled in July that LGBT people were protected from workplace discrimination under the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

But it didn't take long for Trump to go back to his Trump-y ways, promising to deport all undocumented immigrants and that he would halt federal funding to Planned Parenthood "if they have the abortions going on."

Though he supports gay people in the workplace, Trump isn't a fan of marriage equality.