Less than a year after launching her subscription-based online media venture "The Sarah Palin Channel," the former half-term governor of Alaska and failed 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate has decided to do away with subscription fees and give her fans free the incoherent videos they've come to love.

"It is an honor to have you subscribe, really it's been so illuminating and still is so illuminating to read and to respond to many of your insightful comments about current events, about so many things going on in our world today," Palin said in a video announcing that starting August 1 her channel would be free. Content will be available free of charge at SarahPac.com and on her Facebook page.

Since its launch in July 2014, subscribers to The Sarah Palin Channel paid $9.95 a month, or $99.95 annually. The channel took inspiration from Glenn Beck's WebTV operation, TheBlaze.com. But where Beck's venture drew 15.3 million visitors last September, Palin's channel barely saw 36,000 unique visitors within the same time period, according to Quantcast figures quoted by The Daily Beast.

Now fans of "Mama Grizzly" who are on a budget can enjoy Palin's recipes for moose meat and keep up with the war on Christmas while listening to her latest rants on Obama and the snobbery and arrogance of the lame-stream media.

Take that, Katie Couric!

Palin's move to do away with subscription fees comes on the heels of her recent firing as a political commentator for Fox News. Although she claims in her video announcement that she wants to "make sure that your voices and mine are heard by the widest possible audience across this great land of ours," Mediate notes that if the Sarah Palin Channel was such a smashing success to begin with, why would she walk away from the income?

As Cole Porter once wrote, "never give anything away that you can sell."