Corbin’s Campaign Literature Attacks Former Opponent, WMPD 

Boyd Corbin’s race for mayor took a new turn last week with the publication of a brochure one of his political opponents has concluded is defamatory, and which also contains numerous charges against the Wilton Manors Police Department.

Last year, Corbin unsuccessfully tried to get a permanent restraining order against Doug Blevins, who had run against him in the mayor’s race in 2014. 

However, after a bifurcated three-day trial, Corbin’s allegations against Blevins were deemed to be unfounded by a circuit court judge.

The brochure Corbin circulated nevertheless states that Blevins’ “false allegations against me were dropped by the judge.” 

“That is totally misleading,” Blevins replied. "In fact, it was Corbin’s attempt to secure a permanent restraining order against me which was dismissed as without merit.” Court records bear out Blevins. Corbin’s case against him was dismissed.

“Corbin called it a waste of time,” Blevins said. “It was. Corbin totally wasted the court’s time over frivolous and deceitful allegations which were found not sustainable. Now he is accusing me of lying? This time he is going to have to explain his misconduct to a jury. I hope he has good insurance for libel.” 

In Corbin's campaign brochure circulated through Wilton Manors last week, he also accused Blevins of “using the Wilton Manors police department to unsuccessfully become a false witness against me.”  Corbin then added the police department had it in for him as well, claiming "the police department is encouraging perjury against him.”

In the same campaign brochure, Corbin talked about not only losing his circuit court case against Blevins, but how “officers abusing steroids... gave him $500 worth of tickets and 6 points against his driver’s license.”

Actually, it was the traffic judge who did that after he was found guilty, not a police officer. Nevertheless, Corbin’s literature recommends the police should “go back to reading parking meters.” 

The brochure also complains that Manors police have illegal window tinting on its cars, and "there are too many home invasions in the city."

Corbin, who has himself previously been found guilty of illegally parking in disabled spaces in Pompano Beach, lambasted the police because “they have illegal window tint on their cars.”

Corbin initially gained notoriety at city hall, protesting the condition of Manors drinking water at commission meetings. He then drew the attention of law enforcement when he was arrested and prosecuted for an attempted aggravated battery, after allegedly attacking a performer outside the Alibi, while dressed in a Ku Klux Klan costume during a Halloween event. 

While the charges were eventually dismissed, his campaign brochure promotes the incident, stating he was “falsely accused of trying to light a drag queen on fire.” He accused the Manors police of suborning perjury, complaining that he will now permanently have a record of “violent stalking.”

The colorful four-page brochure illuminates Corbin’s background and where he grew up, saying that because “I am financially secure, I don’t need to steal taxpayer money or take kickbacks from developers.” 

Stated Blevins, “Corbin has a right to say what he wants. But if it is defamatory and untrue, and puts me in a false public light, I have a right to hold him accountable. The truth is alien to him, apparently. I suspect the voters in November will have to remind him again what the truth is.”

In two previous runs for mayor, both of which he lost, Corbin garnered percentages of 4 percent, then 27 percent.

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