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If Jeb Bush decides to run for president in 2016, he's going to have to get crafty with the naming of the URL for his campaign website.

A self-described "tech bear," same-sex couple from Oregon apparently saw into the feature when they bought the domain back in 2008.

The Huffington Post reports CJ Phillips and his partner Charlie Rainwater don't plan on selling the URL to the former Florida governor, should he decide to throw his hat in the ring. Instead, the men will use the site as a tool to educate people about the way politics impacts LGBT families.

In an interview with HuffPo the couple said they decided to buy the domain as a joke. They also detailed what they want to do with the site.

At the time our plan was very focused around giving real-life insight about the legislation that was being passed in Texas and how it affected an average LGBT couple. Many of our coworkers and family would say things to us like, "Oh, you aren't going to be affected by that law..." when in reality we were definitely going to be impacted! Now we're actively trying to decide on a platform for the site. As of now all we know is we don't want it to be just a protest site, but to be relevant to the current social/political climate.

They added they hope they can "educate" with the

"We want to facilitate positive discussions. Neither one of us is a fan of just bashing on other groups, so we hope we can engender some understanding from a diversity point of view," the couple added.

Though Bush is often mentioned as a possible candidate for president in 2016, he has yet to formally announce he is running. He announced last month intention to explore the possibility of running for president.

The website is currently under construction but stay tuned for an update.

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