Is there a Democratic Prince Charming?

Lance Bass was looking for one last week in Philadelphia. Bass, the teen pop star turned television personality, attended the 2016 Democratic National Convention. He spoke with SFGN via telephone from the City of Brotherly Love on Thursday.

“Married life is bliss,” Bass said.

Bass, 37, married Michael Turchin of Miami Beach in 2014. A year later, the couple participated in a mass wedding celebration in Fort Lauderdale at the W Hotel. The celebration was organized by the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention & Visitor’s Bureau.

Turchin is a model, actor and artist. Bass said his husband had created a new line of accessories around some of his artwork. “He’s turned some of his pieces into pocket squares,” Bass said.

Meanwhile, Bass will introduce a new show to viewers of Logo, titled “Finding Prince Charming.”

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“We wrapped up a week ago,” Bass said. “I’m excited. We show what dating is like for gay guys. It’s about time we had our own dating show for gay men.

”Bass said the show features a wide variety of characters right down to the “trashy” type.

In Philadelphia, Bass served as a surrogate whip for the Hillary Clinton campaign. He called the experience both “beautiful” and “crazy” while complimenting the music making of Lenny Kravitz.

“He was amazing on the speed guitar,” Bass said.