On the same night when Donald Trump hosted Saturday Night Live, one of the show’s alums was in South Florida performing a stand-up routine in front of a packed house.

Dennis Miller, who hosted SNL’s Weekend Update in the mid 1980s, joined Fox News personality Bill O’Reilly on stage last Saturday night, Nov. 7, at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Miller does not hide his conservative leanings and proudly boasted of his personal visits with Mitt Romney and George W. Bush.

Miller’s stand-up act targeted Starbucks, Twitter, the Everglades, Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama. Miller called the President “an inept public servant” much to the delight of the near sold out (5,500 seats) Hard Rock Live crowd.

The LGBT community also took its fair share of shots from Miller, who suggested since “transsexuals” are the new trendy thing, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie could energize his Presidential campaign and “put on a dress for the next debate.”

“He can just say ‘Call Me Chris,’ Miller quipped, a thinly veiled reference to the Caitlyn Jenner story.

Added O’Reilly, “The New York Times would endorse him and probably the Sun-Sentinel too.”

Later, when O’Reilly mentioned his one of his chief rivals is former U.S. Congressman Barney Frank, Miller was quick to point out Frank had, in the past, facilitated a male escort service. This statement produced groans from the audience with O’Reilly shaking his head in disgust.