Over 200 users call Blanche Lincoln a “turncoat” and a “DINO”

When Blanche Lincoln, a Democratic Senator from Arkansas voted with Republicans to “not vote” on the Defense appropriations package that her peers worked tirelessly to bring to the table, she may have thought her participation in the filibuster would go unnoticed. She was wrong.

The Defense Appropriations Bill contained many elements that would have been beneficial to Americans, most notably a pay raise for US Soldiers, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and a huge boost for Democrats in the polls. But two Democratic Senators from Arkansas put the kibosh on all that because supposedly, their conservative constituents were not pleased with the bill. One look at Blanche Lincoln’s facebook page shows just how sorely misgauged public opinion.

Comments started streaming in from all over the country as soon as the cloture vote was cast. The comments, which were most damning, came from citizens in Arkansas who claimed they were directly lied to by Blanche Lincoln and manipulated.

A man named Colt Woods, whose facebook profile puts his hometown in Weiner, Arkansas claims to be one of Lincoln’s former staffers and chastised her vote on the appropriations bill:

“As a former intern of yours I'm extremely disappointed in your vote today! It's World Alzheimer’s Day as you posted earlier and I was there the day you spoke on the Senate floor in support of stem-cell research. I recall your beautiful words about your father's struggle and how that research could have been a "means to an end" for other families forced to deal with that horrible disease. […] Today was a "means to an end" for that discrimination, unconstitutionality, and hatred to cease...yet you couldn't find the courage to not worry about how your vote would affect your upcoming re-election in Arkansas. And I've been told your office staff even told callers you would vote to repeal DADT only to not? I'm saddened today as I was a major supporter of you, but along with all of the other comments on your Facebook page regarding this same issue... I too have lost a great deal of respect for you Senator Lincoln.”


More than 200 other comments followed suit this week, prompting Lincoln to send out multiple statements of justification in which she claimed to be taking some sort of stand for transparency:


“I've seen many of your comments and I'm disappointed that some of you believe that this procedural vote in any way alters my co-sponsorship of the DREAM Act or my support for allowing the military to repeal DADT,” Lincoln said in a final post before ending discussion on the topic, “This is not true. These issues were taken hostage by election year politics. I voted against this procedure because of the lack of an open amendment process.”


Lincoln’s excuse and page-long lecture on “transparency” sparked even more angry comments from facebook users who charged that a lack of transparency is exactly what her filibuster accomplished.  A few users also pointed out that she was one of the “turncoat” Democrats or “DINO’s” (Democrat In Name Only) who voted against a public option in the healthcare bill and hasn’t really supported the Democrats on any major legislative issue since she’s been in office.because of the lack of an open amendment process. because of the lack of an open amendment process.