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If men could get pregnant there would be a drive-thru abortion provider attached to every McDonald's.

And now you have it: the Supreme Court reversed almost 50 years of precedent by overturning Roe v. Wade, a direct attack on women across the country. 

The consequences will be devastating, especially for people of color and young people in the 28 states that are positioned to immediately restrict or outlaw abortion altogether. The big question now is "Who are they coming after next?"

This Taliban-inspired Christian Nationalist Supreme Court, a group of white (minus one) Republican older men are now deciding the cultural direction of our country, no matter what the majority of public opinion thinks.

I am pretty sure that starting with Judge Thomas this is what the future holds:

I can almost see the post-it notes on his wall. It is a makeshift power point presentation called Proudly Going Backward:

1) Gay marriage will be gone. Start making your legal arrangements because shortly we will no longer be protected. Bank on it.

2) We know already that contraception pills will be made illegal and so will the abortion pill.

Women feel they are under attack but many of them should have known better when they voted for Trump.

3) Voting rights already eroded will be eviscerated

4) Sodomy will be reintroduced and its legality overturned

5) The wall between church and state will crumble completely

One nation under God but whose God, which God?

Don't adjust your reality the following could also be in the cards:

6) Bring back slavery? 

7) Bring back segregation?

8) Prohibition?

9) Women will have to wear a veil in public and the Burka during high holidays. (Dolce and Gabbana already designing high-end outfits for such an event.)

10) Mandatory church attendance on Sunday?

There is one more touchy issue: What about interracial marriage? Well I guess Judge Thomas will not bring it up for the time being since he is married to a white woman, after all

Personal Interests outweigh even self-righteousness.

Is there anything we, you, can do to stop Trump's Supreme Court?

YES! Recruit, support, and elect pro-choice candidates at the community and state levels. These candidates can work to decriminalize abortion, help patients travel to receive care, and serve as the first line of defense in a world without Roe v. Wade, and prevent further erosion of our rights. Lambda Legal made it very clear that WE MUST MOBILIZE to ensure continued, nationwide access to abortion care and to reject this profoundly misguided judicial travesty.

Make no mistake, although Justice Alito’s majority opinion paid lip service to the distinctions between abortion rights and other personal rights rooted in the same longstanding legal precedents, the same selective reasoning used to erase abortion rights can be used to erase our victories over sodomy laws (Lawrence v. Texas) and affirming marriage equality as a constitutional right (Obergefell v. Hodges). In fact, Justice Thomas makes that explicit in his concurring opinion. The stakes are higher than ever.

Pier Angelo was born in Italy, moved to England at the age of 17 and learned English at the Nelson School of English. He attended college and graduate school in Manhattan. In 2009 he founded SFGN with Norm Kent. Now he’s retired with his husband Tom and his Affenpinscher Cabbage. He still enjoys writing his column Off The Wall for SFGN.