Column: Postcard from the Edge

How many of you remember postcards? 

They were the equivalent of today's Twitter or Facebook postings. If one went on a trip, no matter how near or far, it was "mandatory" to send a postcard to friends or family. 

It often said "wish you were here.” And many treasured them and collected them like baseball cards. It was a way to peek into different countries and cities, exotic landmarks one would never visit. Nowadays nobody bothers to send postcards, it is too cumbersome: you need to buy it, find the postage stamp, find a mailbox.

With a smartphone you can do it in a few seconds and you can even include your smiley face while in front of a famous monument.

Those were simpler times, innocent and relatively safe. Where am I going with this?

A few days ago I received a large postcard from a friend, handwritten, that I want to share with you because it deeply touched me. 

Here it goes:

We went to sleep in one world and woke up in a different one. Disney is no longer magical, Paris no longer romantic, New York is on its knees, the Chinese Wall is nota fortress anymore, Mecca is empty.Hugs and kisses are suddenly weapons and staying away from friends and families is an act of love.And we finally realize that money and power are useless because they can't give us the oxygen weneed. 

Mother Earth still goes around and around and after centuries of being abused she has put mankind in cages with a message: 'You are not needed. The air, the oceans, the sky, the birds and the forests are doing very well, or better, without you. When you eventually come out of this long dark tunnelremember this: You are my guests, not my masters.'”

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