I was dreading the arrival of the circus. The thought of having to listen for months on end to a score of shallow Presidential Hopefuls made me shudder. Fortunately somebody is throwing a much-needed monkey wrench into the process.

Donald Trump has brought to town a wonderful show.

I am a staunch Democrat. My “flavorite” politician of the month is Bernie Sanders. As much as I loved Bill, I don't like Hillary, but I am gaga over The Don. The publisher of this newspaper just wrote a scathing misguided editorial trashing him, sadly missing the boat.

First — We should all be grateful to Trump. He has been saying all the things that people think but are afraid to utter. When was the last time, in a presidential debate, you heard a candidate referring to other politicians as idiots? Never yet I say it every day.

Second — The Don is the epitome of America. Arrogant, rich and ruthless: The DNA of our country. Therefore we should love him. He is capitalism at its best. A billionaire who has used existing laws to proudly bankrupt a score of his enterprises, destroying lives and businesses in the process deserves the cover of Forbes magazine. And now that he has made money the American way he doesn't have to suck up to any Super PAC and can say and do exactly what he wants. He is entitled to buy the Presidency on his terms. I respect that. How refreshing. How liberating.

Third — He is showing us how low the bar of our political system has sunken. Are these the best people this country can produce? If I was any of the other 16 pretenders I would be ashamed and embarrassed, as a governor or a senator, to see my approval rating lower than someone who has never held state or local office and whose claim to fame is the phrase “You’re Fired."

I would quit and run for the woods, let alone the Presidency, never to be seen again. But they have no shame and no backbone. They are illusions' salesmen.

Yes they're a bunch of mumbling idiots and /or self centered spoiled brats, and positively irritating. It took a brash, not even well articulated celebrity, to show us what a pathetic bunch swims in the cesspool of our political world. And they want to run the country? Puh-leeze.

Fourth — He is not in favor of gay marriage? I am opposed to straight marriage, so what? There is nothing we can do; it is the law of the land. Let's also drop the misogynist accusations. Establishment Republicans, including Tea- Baggers, are phonies. They don’t give a damn about women, just look at the Planned Parenthood controversy. They have a hypocritical permanent condition. It makes me sick watching them pretending to be outraged by Trump’s off the cuff remarks directed at Megyn Kelly. In fact, if she was honest, Kelly should be kissing The Don's ring. Until a few weeks ago she was an egregious certified unknown employed by Foxymoron News, the feces throwing network, now she is a nationwide celebrity. She owes Trump a debt of eternal gratitude. Of course she will play the “offended" woman's card but deep down she is gloating and can't believe her good fortune.

Fifth — Republicans feign shock at Trump's comments on immigration. What? Isn't this is the party that has little patience with immigrants, anybody with accents, people from NY/NJ, anyone on welfare, unemployed, and think the homeless should be rounded up and shipped to Guantanamo?

Should we settle for the bullshit politicians have been feeding us daily or should we go with the politically incorrect blasts? I am tired of lies. I prefer the outrageous, and at times incoherent, stream of consciousness utterances of Trump. He is shaking everybody up.

Imagine: As President he would tell Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Germany, to stop meddling in other European countries affairs when she is hormonal or tell North Korea's bad boy Kim Jong-un to get a better hair cut and forget about the bomb. But most of all I would love to hear him tell our useless Congress to go and stuff it where the sun don't shine. What a novelty, finally someone with the guts to take those gasbags down.

Run Donald Run. Don't stop. You are my American Pharaoh.