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Dear Farook,

Hey how does it feel to be totally betrayed and cheated and so far off base?

You thought that spreading terror and killing innocent people would open the gates of “paradise" for you. Say what? No red carpet? Oh shit! No 72 virgins waiting for you? No Allah or Mohamed greeting you? Really? It was bullshit wasn't it? Your ship of horror sunk.

Do you realize you have been serving an ideology of pure assholery?

Now what? The only good thing is that at least we have one less asshole in the world. Because you and your cohorts in NISIS, yes NISIS, the NON Islamic State, are a sad, frightening I will grant you that, bunch of psychopaths, sociopaths and predators who use violence to control others to satisfy your own feelings of uselessness and inferiority.

By now you should know the bad news: “God does not exist." Too bad it is too late for you to enjoy the good news: “you don't need him." But be sure of one thing, like Hitler, the remaining bunch of still living excrements flying the black flag will never succeed in their delusional madness.

I am glad you are dead, especially because you were still young enough to spawn some more rabid animals out of your loins. Talking of which what about your shrouded wife, the bitch that died with you? What would have been her reward in your pseudo religious afterlife? Certainly not 72 Virgins, she was not a man after all, and women have no rights in your twisted fucked up world. But maybe she was delusional as you were or perhaps she was a lesbian hoping to score 72 virgins. Glad she is gone and she is in hell were all of you belong. No other "Damien" will come out of her womb either.

Invoking "God" to serve as your escrow agent is just diluting the "God" brand by asking him to be the muscle behind your small time fucked up ideology. It just helps you bypass logic. But logic is too big a word for you to process. I instead think. That's why I am an atheist, because nothing screws up faith more than a good thought. Of course Noah-like stories comfort people, but so do Disney tales, normal people just don't base their lives on them.

You and your Mullahs, or any religious zealot for that matter, are a bunch of charlatans, swindlers who claim to have some sort of direct line to heaven.

You are just spewing verbal garbage. You thought religion gave you the right to judge and kill others. You were so wrong. See? You didn't even make it to 30.

There is no place like nowhere because religion, any religion, is the motherhood of bad ideas. And you were afraid because the truth is that without God you are forced to be free, and that's a scary thought for a low life like you.

God died the very moment we discovered that we made him up to flee our fear of death. But at least you are dead and that's good riddance. I do hope you felt excruciating pain after each bullet hit your body, the pain that those 14 people in San Bernardino and beyond felt when you shot them in cold blood. Burn in hell baby burn.