When Norm Kent told me he was considering becoming a publisher again, rebuilding The Express from scratch under a new name, I did not even stop and think about it for a second.

“Count me in if you need a business partner,” I told him.

A crazy idea given this depleted economy? Perhaps. But I feel it is healthier and heartier to live my life with vision and faith.

People say that Craigslist killed the local newspaper. I say not so fast. Most likely, it made the pimp redundant.


First, the South Florida Blade had already become an afterthought for most in the gay community. After its November demise, our community had been threatened by not having any voice outside of blogs on the Internet and the occasional features selectively published by the mainstream media. Truthfully we can’t agree on a single issue and the rest of the nation doesn’t care about us. Most would love us to shut up and go away. They need not worry. Sadly, at times, we are already doing a great job at oppressing ourselves.

Even our self-appointed protector, the Democratic Party, comforts us when it is convenient and then drops us like hot potatoes when it is time to vote on a gay bill. With the support of the Governor and Assembly, 38 New York State Senators still voted to deny New Yorkers marriage equality, and of course, many were Democrat turncoats. Cowards of the left. ENDA? So far, it’s don’t ask; don’t tell. Or wait and see.

We need to speak up again, to take nothing for granted, to question the Government, our representatives, City Hall and the Police Force. Fight Apathy. Right wrongs. And at the same time, build the foundations for real change.

Norm Kent has the courage, the passion, to try and make a difference in our lives. Maybe he is just a dreamer. So were John Lennon’s songs. But they lasted and made a difference. Let’s take a leap of faith and... Imagine.

This space, my column, is intended to be a forum, open to discussion, open to all: left, right, center, conservatives, liberals, reds and blues, whites and blacks, anarchists and militants, atheists and agnostics. Together, we will try to challenge ourselves, to develop a dialogue, to float ideas no matter how crazy they might be.

Let’s face it, the problem is we have no attention span anymore. We were raised on Sesame Street, computers, instant gratification and instantaneous communications. To hell with Twitter. Tweet this.

Let’s rewind. Let’s be old fashioned. Let’s make a community newspaper your soapbox again. Support us and we will support you.