This is an open letter from SFGN's CEO, Pier Angelo Guidugli to President George W. Bush.

Dear President Bush,

I spent eight years of my life disagreeing with you and your policies. 

I am a staunch Democrat, obviously I did not vote for you back then, and was furious at you and your administration many times over. 

Today I want to tell you that I would take you back in a heartbeat. 

You actually cared about our country and respected the institutions who have made our democracy great and a beacon for the world.

In retrospect you were a gentleman, you had integrity, honesty, dignity, morals and class.

Now we only have crass. I never thought I would say this but I wish you were still, or back, in the White House. 

With much overdue respect,

Best regards and thank you.

Pier Angelo Guidugli