We concluded last week’s editorial by saying gay men and women are normal neighbors. We are partners in our community, not apart from it.

This week, even gay and lesbian Americans will gather by their TV sets and in popular sports bars or in family gatherings to watch the Super Bowl. Venues such as Georgie’s Alibi and Sidelines in Wilton Manors will be packed, having established themselves as popular gay sports bars.

The mission of the South Florida Gay News.com is to create a paper you can call your own. When it comes to the news, we have no agenda. Gay news, straight facts; journalism, not advocacy. We are news, not gloss. We share the wins and the winds, the warriors and our warts.

Within our gay community, interests and viewpoints are as diverse as the straight community. On these editorial pages, all those voices will find a forum and venue. There will be calls to your conscience, and commentary cutting to your soul. We will celebrate our achievements and own up to our failures.

Mike James former editor for Express Gay News

The President's AIDS Day address is online, and in city after city, communities will gather this Tuesday to pay tribute.Having a President that cares matters, because AIDS is still with us and is very real.More often than not, like last week in Fort Lauderdale, when the Office of National AIDS Policy solicited public opinion, we hear stories of survival. More and more people are living longer and longer with HIV. It is so encouraging. Too encouraging.

Police Raid Atlanta Gay Bar

It was in 1991 that the Broward Sheriff’s Office, under the supervision of then Sheriff, Nick Navarro, raided the most popular gay bar in South Florida, the Copa, on a busy Friday night.

It was a remarkable incident. Scores of cops in swat teams enter a huge dance bar with hundreds of patrons targeting a half-dozen persons who they had previously done undercover drug deals with. There was no guarantee the named suspects were even going to be there.

Notorious for publicity, the Sheriff personally arrived along with a helicopter, his wife, and television crews. As SWAT type deputies swarmed through the bar, they ordered all the patrons, at gunpoint, up against the wall, lied them on the floor, and randomly searched them for drugs while publishing denigrating epithets.