This is the week I was going to write about my mother. She passed away on August 3, just about 90 days before her 90th birthday, which would have been today.

Mom was a picture of endurance and optimism, energy and strength. She was a dancer in her 70’s, a golfer in her 80’s, and a performer her entire splendid life, and oh, how she loved those theater openings. She so looked forward to every new season at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. And if you think I am outspoken or opinionated, you should have heard mom, because everyone was entitled to her opinion. But mom, this column is not about you. Sorry, you have been bumped.

Gay men and women smoke pot, and we are not alone. Straight men and women do too. In fact, let’s be real. Most of the country does. That is why in state after state, and ballot after ballot, voters are decriminalizing marijuana use and possession.

Marijuana is now legal under state law for medical purposes in 16 states and the District of Columbia, encompassing nearly one-third of the American population. More than 1,000 dispensaries provide medical marijuana; many are well regulated by state and local law authorities and pay substantial taxes. But though more than 70 percent of Americans support legalizing medical marijuana, any use of marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

Okay, I am violating a few editorial rules here by speaking in the first person, but I am just thinking how one of my mentors, Hunter S. Thompson, would have handled this Christian themed event I attended Friday and Saturday in Washington, D.C.

Five hours after spending the night whoring around the dens of homosexual promiscuity in the all too gay Du Pont Circle, I surrendered my soul to the gathering of shirts and ties formulating a new, more religious America at the Omni Shoreham Hotel.

This past weekend, in Washington, D.C., our nation celebrated the opening of the Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial. Only seven days before that, also in the nation’s Capital, a ‘Values’ Summit held by leaders of the regressive right, paraded speaker after speaker to a podium announcing how homosexuality presents a threat to the nation’s security, families, and probably the solar system. It was a message of intolerance and fear. Dr. King would not have stood for that, nor should you.