Last month Wolf Bar had its soft grand opening, and with a couple minor hiccups, looked to be a huge success.

Located at 2209 Wilton Drive, (the old Bill’s/B.Bar location,) the interior has been made over in minimalist, clean décor, with some interesting touches, such as the huge basket chandeliers in one corner designed by local artist Diego Iberra of The Art Bloc.

The sound system has been updated, and DJ Andy Fiacco took it to the edge with hot dance music.

The vibe was very different from anything else on the drive, with a masculine, yet friendly feel, and the hot bear bartenders were an obvious nod to the genre of bar this is.

The old “Mustang Lounge” room was mostly kept in tact for a place to sit and have a martini with friends.

The crowd was energetic and friendly, with lots of bears, leather, and kilts in the mix.

Opinions from patrons we talked to were all positive, ranging from “good fun,” to “a needed alternative on the Drive.”

So if you’re looking for something unlike anything else on the Drive, be sure to “join the pack,” and check out Wolf. Open daily at 2 p.m.