Del Shores, creator of the gay cult favorite, “Sordid Lives,” will return to Wilton Manors this weekend to kick off the Village Pub’s week-long second anniversary celebration.

In addition to updates about his popular “Sordid Lives” franchise—a sequel film, “A Very Sordid Wedding,” is already in the works—Shores plans to share the kinds of personal stories that connect so well with gay men who also grew up in small, religious towns.

“I always do much dirtier shows in bars, that’s the only way to keep their attention,” Shores admitted with a chuckle during a recent phone interview. “When there’s drinking involved, you don’t want to get too deep.”

The standup routine, nicknamed, “My Deep Sordid Past,” includes episodes during his “slut phase” and the infamous story about providing oral sex to “the guy with the crooked dick.” Shores also plans to touch on “Six Bad Dates with Del and the stories about what inspired me and my work.”

“It’s always a different show,” even for the rabid fans—he won’t call them stalkers—who might catch his performances in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Ft. Meyers during the Florida mini-tour this week.

Shores, who has built a significant following on Facebook, credits the social media outlet for the appearances. What started as an appearance at the Tampa Gay and Lesbian Film Festival grew into a sunny sojourn touring the state.

“I resisted Facebook for so long. Back in the MySpace days, I had a MySpace,” he recalled. “But when I finally got a Facebook fan page and people started finding me, I really began connecting with core audiences. I could say I’m playing in Atlanta and there would be a spike in tickets. I love interacting with my fans and it’s just a smart business thing to do.”

Fans of his 2000 “Sordid Lives” film and 2008 prequel television series have been glued to Shores’ Facebook page as details of the upcoming sequel, “A Very Sordid Wedding,” have become public. An IndieGoGo campaign was recently launched to raise funds for the project.

The entire cast of characters will be back, with the exception of Bitsy Mae. Olivia Newton-John will be performing in Las Vegas through 2016 and Shores decided to retire the role rather than recast. Also, Beth Grant (Sissy) declined to return, but Shores teases an “amazing actress” has been recruited.

Most fan favorites, including Bonnie Bedelia (Latrelle), Ann Walker (LaVonda) and Caroline Rae (Noleta), have signed on to the project, along with the original Ty, Kurt Geiger, as Shores says, “for many reasons,” hinting at his breakup with actor Jason Dottley, who took over the role for the series.

“We’ve brought ‘Sordid Lives’ into 2014 and (Kurt is) age appropriately for the role

It’s going to be fun to see where they all are and where they’ve come from and what they look like,” explained Shores. “It was a wonderful experience returning. I do not mind that I’ll always be the guy who wrote ‘Sordid Lives’.”

Shores, who has numerous other plays and hit television series to his credit, doesn’t take the popularity of his stories lightly.

He reflected on “Sordid Lives” just a moment and summed it all up, “When I wrote it, it was my story. I didn’t realize that it was everybody else’s story, too.”

Del Shores performs “My Sordid Best” on Sunday, Oct. 5 at 9 p.m. at Village Pub, 2283 Wilton drive in Wilton Manors, as part of the bar’s second anniversary celebration. Admission is free, although limited reserved seating is available. For more information, go to