The new Miss Black Gay US of A was crowned on Monday night at J’s Bar in Fort Lauderdale. The winner was Champagne Bordeaux, local to the Fort Lauderdale area.

“It hasn’t sunk in yet though, not really. Tuesday commenced as usual,” Miss Bordeaux said of having won.

Miss Black Gay US of A was founded to bring equality on a national level to the ethnic stage. The pageant functions as an honest, open forum for black entertainers.

“An entertainer doesn't have to invest 20 years in this system to win. There is no ‘pay your dues’ mentality at US of A. If you win, you win! If nobody knows your name, we'll give you the ability to change that,” said creator of the pageant, Lou Haskell.

Miss Bordeaux has been performing since 1992, in her native Ohio. “I only do this art form of mine if it’s fun. The pageant was really fun, and I learned so much from the other contestants,” said Miss Bordeaux.

Former Miss Black Gay US of A Kennedy Davenport was proud to hand over her crown to Miss Bordeaux. “I’m just glad it was a great success,” she said. “It was a struggle this year to get the pageant up.”

Bordeaux credits her performance – or illusion – as Dionne Warwick to having won the show. Lou Haskell believes she will be a credit to the Fort Lauderdale Community.

Photo Courtesy of Keith Bolster