If you are attending the White Party this year, and were a fan of the popular TV show “Flipper” – whether in syndication or when it was new – and always wanted a chance to get up close and personal with a dolphin the Miami Seaquarium has an offer you’ll love!

Judging by the beautiful photographs provided by the Miami Seaquarium the opportunity will be one you and your loved ones will cherish for a lifetime. It’s not everyone that can claim such an experience.

“Miami Seaquarium is proud to welcome all the White Party Week guests to South Florida with this special offer to get in the water with dolphins for a truly memorable experience,” said Eric Eimstad, Vice President of Marketing at the Miami Seaquarium.

Guests must mention having White Party tickets when reserving their time with the dolphins. The packages must be booked and completed by December 17.

Sarah Graff, Manager of Animal Training said that the experience is always positive, for both humans and dolphins alike. Her energy and vitality clearly let SFGN know she loves her job.

“We operate in small groups. It’s very intimate, you the trainer and the dolphin,” she explained. “People don’t realize these are very large animals, that weigh between 500 and 600 lbs. To interact with them is amazing, especially the dorsal tow.”

Like something out of a movie, a “dorsal tow” is when the animal swims underneath you, allows you to grab onto them while they pull you to the other side of the water. The animals, however, are not forced into this kind of behavior.

“Dolphins are so big we can’t make them do what they don’t want to do. They truly want to interact and play with the humans,” Graff said, and human guests seem to get very attached to the dolphins and their very distinct personalities. “Everyone says their dolphin is the best,” laughed Graff.

Dolphin Odyssey, offers guests a one and a half-hour magical experience with one of the 12 Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins that call the Seaquarium home. If you do not wish to swim with the dolphins the Dolphin Encounter program allows guests to wade out into shallow water to interact with them that way. This program also features an educational seminar that includes information on dolphin training techniques.

The Dolphin Odyssey program costs $199 plus tax per person, while the Dolphin Encounter program costs $139 per person. Tickets for children, aged three to nine years of age are priced at $99. An adult must accompany those under 18 years of age. This special White Party package is not valid in conjunction with other discounts and incentives.

If your partner or friends want to come as spectator guest tickets are $45 per adult, and $36 per child. Expectant mothers, please note, are not allowed to participate in the dolphin interaction programs. Ticket price includes same day admission to the park to see and observe how the Miami Seaquarium – an accredited member of the Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks and Aquariums – is committed to the care and conservation of these marine animals.

For more information, please visit MiamiSeaquarium.com