Matt's Datebook for the week of March 23, 2011

I have been asked recently if I know of any bisexual bars around town. The answer is, no, not technically. There isn’t a bar in South Florida that caters to the bisexual crowd alone. Nowadays when you go out to a gay club, it’s a mix of gay and bisexual people anyway, so what I’d recommend is just ask! If you see someone that interests you, approach them, but don’t be hasty. Get a feel for the guy or girl you are talking to, which can easily be done in a matter of minutes or less.

If they seem intrigued: ASK! There’s no harm in a simple question as long as it’s direct and innocent enough, so there’s no risk getting slapped by the gorgeous blonde girl or decked out by the buff straight guy you’re chatting with. Here’s another tip for my bisexual readers: If you didn’t know, Johnny’s Bar is actually catering to the straight, bisexual and gay crowd called One Saturdays (Guess which day they have it on). One side of the club is devoted to the Johnny’s Boy Dancers and on the other side, they have female dancers. It’s a playground for anyone and everyone regardless of sexuality just be sure to play nice in the sandbox.

From March 25 to 27 Parker Playhouse presents the Tony Award winning play Spring Awakening. For those of you aren’t aware, Lea Michelle, widely known for her role as Rachel Berry on FOX’s smash hit Glee, won 3 awards for her portrayal of Wendla, including one for “Favorite Leading Actress in a Broadway Musical” which practically paved the way to her career today. Spring Awakening is a rock musical adapted from an 1891 German play of the same name, which was so controversial on account of the taboo themes (homosexuality, abortion and rape, to name a few) that it was eventually banned. That being said, I can’t wait to see it.

Look out Lake Worth, because the SFGN is infiltrating Pride again! Starting Saturday at noon in Bryant Park Jeff Clemens, who is a House Representative and lead vocalist for Datura Street Band takes the stage as the first of many performers at PrideFest. There’ll be booze and plenty of booths to ogle. With Glee being Pride’s theme this year, you’re sure to see a wide array of talented performers including musical numbers, burlesque and drag performances. Sunday at 11:30 a.m. kicks off the parade, so get there early for a good spot. Compass strongly advises that anyone planning to attend should buy tickets in advance. Come see me and my friends at our SFGN booth if you have time!

Till next week ;)


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