The sounds of music are alive and soothing Wednesday evenings at the Manor, the new gay epicenter at 2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors.

Valerie Tyson has been dubbed the “Concert Queen,” and rightly so as her soulful voice filled the Epic Room of the Manor with- well, epic sounds. The eclectic band has been performing dates with Ms. Tyson at every major concert event in Southern Florida, not to mention the wedding of one of the Manor partners, Brett and Roby Tannenbaum. Ms. Tyson’s resume includes opening for acts such as Janet Jackson, but her headlining performances at local venues, including charitable affairs, have won her much regional acclaim.

The rendition of “At Last” was really arresting. The song—originated by Etta James—has been sung in a variety of ways, from sweet and sad, to jazzy and excited. Still, few numbers have ever been performed with such vitality. All it takes is one number to give an evening a special memory, and this song did that. On par with the disco and classic rock that the band emulates and loves, Miss Tyson’s rendition of “At Last” came from wanting to sing something jazzy, yet her performance was electric- above and beyond jazz.

Championing a marvelous stage presence, Ms. Tyson interacts with and teases her adoring audience. She even left the stage to engage her admirers in some meaningful banter which charmed the crowd. The Manor is alive with energy and Miss Tyson raised the roof fusing a variety of sounds, from R and B, to jazz to rock.

“I have 36 years in the business personally,” she said, and proudly points out she has had no professional training. “I would say I was gifted, never took lessons or anything that! I was just blessed with it.”

While Ms. Tyson is blessed with her voice, you can capture the the energy and skills of her band at The Manor on Wednesday nights, starting your evening first with an early dinner in the showroom.

Valerie Tyson Band
The Manor — Every Wednesday Night
2345 Wilton Drive, Wilton Manors, FL
Call 954-620-0082 for reservations