Hatsume Flair at Morikami Museum and Japanese Garden

Bringing Japanese Culture to South Florida

The Hatsume Fair, held for the 32nd year in a row at the Delray Beach Morikami Museum and Gardens celebrates the first flowers of springtime. New and old elements of Japanese culture will inspire and educate visitors. Three stages of continuous entertainment will be offered. Traditional taiko drumming by Fushu Daiko, demonstrations by martial artists, and bonsai-training techniques will be offered. The popular anime-inspired cosplay, performance art drawn from Japanese animation, will also delight guests.

Asian, as well as American food vendors, will offer refreshment. If you wish to sample some Japanese beer, make sure to visit the Kirin Japanese Beer Garden. Artists will also sell their wares in avenues New topic panels such as “wacky snacks of Japan” will amuse guests, while kanshazi hairpin-making will share the works of ancient artisans with a modern audience.

“With Hatsume, we strive to introduce our audiences to what is new and exciting in Japan while maintaining a connection to tradition,” said Kizzy Sanchez, Marketing and Events Manager at the Morikami. “It is an entertaining way to engage and educate by bringing Japanese culture to life.”

Over the weekend the Morikami announced they will hold a moment of silence, at 2:30 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday, for those effected by the recent earthquakes in Japan.

The festival will take place on March 19 & 20, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Please visit Morikami.org for more information.

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