Legendary Miami hotspot Halo has officially changed its name to Mova.

Mova’s kick-off event was hosted by The Real World DC’s Mike Manning and marks the beginning of a year-long rebranding process. The new venue will strive to institute a philosophical shift in corporate culture and set the foundation for national expansion.


“Our objective is to introduce a new and exciting entertainment concept for the GLBT community,” stated Babak Movahedi, Owner of Mova. “The GLBT community today has evolved and we want to create a place where people can have fun while having the opportunity to make a direct impact in our community.”

The new concept is designed to further engage the local GLBT population through philanthropy, community outreach, and will include many green and sustainable practices. This will combine an upscale lounge environment with an outlet for patrons to give back on a regular basis. Movahedi tells us, “It will be incorporated into our corporate culture to utilize Mova employees to take part in charitable events which benefit our surroundings.”

Community calendars supporting local organizations and philanthropic endeavors are expected to be rolled out this year in addition to a national expansion into other major markets.

This transition will begin by the launch of a new brand identity, logo, and name. This is expected to continue throughout the rest of the year. For more information, visit www.movalounge.com.