Drag Race Winner Violet Chachki To Perform at The Manor


Get up close and personal with season 7 Drag Race winner Violet Chachki, who will perform songs from her newly released album Gagged at The Manor on Saturday, July 25. Gagged will be available through iTunes.

Vanguard, the album's first single, is now available for viewing on You Tube. In the video, Chachki is seen in vintage 1940s drag as she's gay bashed in a cafeteria. She fights back, knocking her attackers to the ground. As the video progresses, Chachki is seen in a variety of bondage and fetish inspired undergarments. Topless in some of the shots, she has female breasts in some shots, a man's chest in others.

The video's fighting back theme may have been taken from Chachki's own life. "Everyone's been bullied," she told SFGN. "Homophobia, transphobia, being a drag queen."

Chachki presents herself as all of these things. "I can be transgessive," she said. "They kinda blend together for me."

Chachki, who's birth name is Jason Dardo, cites Bettie Page, a 1950s BDSM pin-up queen, as among her primary influences.

"Fetish, leather and drag are very visual," Chachki said. "When I first started doing drag I took a lot of visual inspiration from Bettie. She has a certain mystery, an allure. At the height of her career she vanished and became a Born Again Christian. She never gave interviews--she wanted to preserve her image. I respect that."

Chachki explained what it is about fetish that attracts and inspires her. "It's the severity of it," she said. "It's dramatic. I like that its an extreme form of glamour and sexuality. That appeals to me."

She also has in interest in fetish as a lifestyle. "It's giving your strength to someone else," she explained. "It's a learning experience. It lets you step out of your comfort zone in a safe way."

RuPaul is another of the rising young star's influences.

"She's self-made," Chachki said of the Drag Race host. "To see where she came from, and how she got here is inspiring. Its amazing to be around her."

Like RuPaul, Chachki hails from Atlanta. "I've come full circle," she said. "I see myself in her. I see her in me."

She also expressed her joy at winning Drag Race. "It's the only validation I've looked for," she said. "To be accepted by your community, and to be a figurehead is a lot of pressure. But its super-gratifying and rewarding."

She described her music as "dark and industrial".

"Its club music," she said. "Its what I would listen to with a glass of wine--I'm influenced by the music I listened to." 

Chachki reports that club remixes of her songs are being worked on and that she's excited about coming to Florida. "I'm super excited to be reigning queen," she said. "And happy to come to Wilton Manors. It's a great place to vacation."

Doors will open at 11pm for Chachki's July 25th show at The Manor. The first 100 patrons in line by 11pm will get to meet and greet with the star.

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