Brian's Picks: Twenty Dollar Hollar

A lot of people think you can’t have fun in Miami for twenty dollars or less…well you can. And here are just a few things to prove it.

First let’s start with a place to eat.  The Bar-B-Que Beach is a good spot in Miami to eat at if you’re looking for low prices and great food. Bar-B-Que Beach is located on Washington Ave. at 15th street. Plus it’s close to everything that’s happening. It also has some of the most southern sides around like fried green tomatoes, collards, corn bread, hush puppies and sweet potato with banana mash. Main courses range from $5-$15.

Now just because we have a budget of 20 dollars doesn’t mean we can’t be sophisticated. There are some great museums in Miami that you can get into and still maintain your budget such as, The Museum of Contemporary Art. With an admission fee of only $5 you could bring a few friends with you and still maintain that 20 dollar budget.  The Museum of Contemporary Art maintains an active schedule, presenting up to ten exhibitions each year in its Charles Gwathmey-designed structure. MOCA's permanent collection now numbers more than 350 works from artists such as John Baldessari, Louise Nevelson and Gabriel Orozco.

The last place in Miami that I will refer you to is called the Coral Castle. Now this Castle has a love/drama story behind it. Here’s the revised version: Latvian Edward Leedskalnin was told he was too poor to marry his wife, so he leaves, comes to Miami where he builds this castle between 1920 and 1940 using only hand tools, a feat that is mind-boggling even before you learn that Leedskalnin was just five feet tall. The mystery: how did he shift tons of rock from Florida City, where he carved it, to Homestead, where he erected it? Come find this mystery out at Coral Castle.  And the best part? Admission is only $10.

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