(WO) NBC is coming out!

Just in time for Pride month, NBC launches a new website dedicated to stories about the LGBTQ community called NBC OUT.

The new “digital destination” will feature news stories, videos and other “unique content about and of interest to the LGBTQ community.”

“If there’s one thing everyone in our community can agree on (and there may just be one thing), it is that we are an extraordinarily diverse group. Our acronym may only include a handful of letters, but the variety within each of them is vast,” wrote NBC OUT editor Brooke Sopelsa in a letter on the new site.

Sopelsa says the content on NBC OUT spans the spectrum of the LGBTQ community, highlighting stories already on the site about intersexed millennials, black gay men in history and a Thai immigrant who started a transgender modeling agency.

Sopelsa looks to utilize all of NBC News’ resources in order to capture a new and fresh voice for NBC OUT.

“I truly believe it will take a village – or better yet, a community – for NBC OUT to reach its full potential,” Sopelsa said.

Along with celebrating LGBTQ Pride month with the launch of NBC OUT, the peacock network released a video montage narrated by out MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts commemorating the month.