Local Trans Groups Stand Up to Equality Florida

Via Facebook; Equality Florida

A coalition of transgender rights groups signed a letter Wednesday pushing back against Equality Florida’s aggressive tactics opposing a non-discrimination bill.

“Equality Florida attacked both the bill and SAVE as ‘transphobic,’” the letter reads. “We strongly feel the claim is not only without merit, but an arrogant effort to speak for our community and against our local allies; whom have spent years building personal and professional relationships with each of us, building collaborative efforts to uplift and gain progress on the issues impacting our community.”

The bill in question, the Florida Workforce Inclusion Act, would protect LGBT people in the workplace, but leave out housing and public accommodations.

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Last week Equality Florida convinced a handful of national LGBT rights groups to weigh in on the matter with a letter reaffirming their support for a comprehensive bill that would protect LGBT people in all three areas – workplace, housing and public accommodations.

The local coalition of trans groups though believe Equality Florida has crossed the line. 

“We encourage Equality Florida to halt these attacks, cease establishing programming competing against established advocacy efforts, and, instead, use funding and political capital to support existing, local organizations and programs,” the letter continues.

Signatories on the statement include Arianna Lint, the [email protected] Coalition, Florida Chapter and Arianna’s Center; Camille Lewis, Miami-Dade Transgender Activist; Jen Laws, Broward Transgender Activist; Morgan Mayfaire and Ashley Mayfaire, TransSocial; Riley Johnson, RAD Remedy; and Tatiana Williams, Trans Inclusive Group.

Laws said they’re looking for more local groups and activists to sign on to their efforts. Laws can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

“We implore Equality Florida to reflect on the stated mission of fighting for our shared communities rather than attacking our efforts, our allies, and, ultimately, us,” the letter ends with.

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