Incumbent State Representative Republican George Moraitis is being challenged for his seat in the Florida House by a 22-year-old college student.

Say hello to Doug Oberman, a Senior at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, who says he intends to defeat Moraitis to represent district 93 in Tallahassee. In a telephone call to SFGN on Monday, Oberman, who’s running as a Democrat, said he was confident he could win the seat, describing Moraitis as a clone warrior of Governor Rick Scott’s administration.

“He’s another cog in the machine,” Oberman said of Moraitis. “All he’s going to do is vote the party line and rubber stamp everything that comes out of Scott’s office. The voters of this district are too smart for that and are waking up to the truth.”

First elected in 2012, Moraitis, 45, is a Fort Lauderdale native, husband, father and decorated U.S. Navy veteran. A practicing real estate attorney, Moraitis represents a district that stretches from Boca Raton to Hollywood.

Oberman, however, is undaunted.

“I’m standing for true progressive values,” said Oberman, who is pursuing a degree in public safety administration.

Oberman said that while he personally does not identify as LGBT, that is not stopping him from fighting against discrimination in all its forms.

“LGBT rights are a huge part of my ticket,” Oberman said. “The oppression that goes on in Florida against LGBT people has to stop.”

Oberman said he has marched in gay pride parades in his native Chicago. He moved to South Florida nearly four years ago and lists Deerfield Beach as his campaign’s address in papers filed with the state.

Oberman is running thus far unopposed for the Democratic Party’s nomination. Likewise, Moraitis has no opposition on the Republican ticket.

The general election is scheduled for November 8.