World Health Organization to End Classifying Transgender Identities as Mental Illness

The World Health Organization is no longer listing transgender identities as mental illness.

The change by the United Nations organization will prevent the use of the condition as a grounds for conversion therapy or other treatments, according to a press release. The change is being listed in the new online version of the International Classification of Diseases.

According to CNN, the International Classification of Diseases is a standardized diagnosis tool that is used by doctors, researchers and insurance professionals to identify diseases and other conditions.

“This is the result of tremendous effort by trans and gender diverse activists from around the world to insist on our humanity, and I am elated that the WHO agrees that gender identity is not a mental illness,” executive director of Transgender Europe Julia Ehrt said.

Transgender identities can now be found in the guide under the conditions related to sexual health. All mentions of the condition of the condition as a mental health issue have been removed from the mental health section.

Other changes to the 11th version of the guide included the addition of video game addiction as a mental health condition.

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