Women and men all around the country celebrated International Women’s Day. For many of them, that celebration included protesting at the White House.

Forty organizations, including the National LGBTQ Task Force, stood outside the White House on March 8 to protest President Donald Trump’s “global gag rule,” which the task force describes as a “massive expansion of a failed policy that prohibits non-U.S. organizations that receive U.S. funding from providing, referring or even mentioning abortion services.”

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LGBTQ Task Force Policy Counsel Candace Bond-Theriault spoke during the protest: “On International Women's Day we must rally together to resist the Trump administration and its deadly policies like the Global Gag rule — a de facto ban of comprehensive reproductive health care internationally. Stand up, sit in, and speak out! Engage in democracy, because it's ours to protect.”

Other organizations who took part in and organized the protest include Amnesty International USA, Catholics for Choice, Global Justice Center, International Planned Parenthood Federation, Muslim American Women’s Policy Forum and more.

"We stand in solidarity with women all around the world," Interim Executive Director of National Asian Pacific Women’s Forum Sung Yeon Choimorrow told Miami Coalition Launches Resistance Protest on International Women’s Day. "We are going to fight and fight and fight to defend all the gains and the progress we've made as the global community to advance women's maternal health."