Utah resident 74-year-old Bonnie Foerster has been declared legally married to Beverly Grossaint, her partner of 50 years who died this May.

Foerster met Grossaint in New York in 1968, where Foerster was escaping from an abusive husband who left her with black eyes and broken ribs. Grossaint noticed something was off and doubled back to check on her, and the two hit it off, living together soon after despite public outcry against LGBT couples. 

“I was born for her, and she was born for me … I’m numb from happiness. I’m married. I’m a married woman. I’ve waited 50 years,” Foerster said, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

Lawyer Roger Hoole said that being declared married after the death of one participant is rare, but not unheard of.

The two didn’t get married in 2015 when it was legal because they were afraid their marital status would clash with Foerster’s Medicaid, which she needed for her various health issues. The date that Foerster can consider her and her wife being married on is still being decided.