The Westboro Baptist "God Hates Fags" Church's main Twitter account has been suspended, Pink Star News reports.

It's unclear as to why the vehemently anti-gay Kansas-based group's account is down, but according to WBC's de facto leader, Shirley Phelps Roper, daughter of the late WBC founder Fred Phelps, who goes by the Twitter handle @Shirl2, it's because the group picketed Twitter last year.

"Dear @pinknews plz keep up. WBC picketed @Twitter in August. @Shirl2 wrote to @Pinknews Tuesday. She also added: "PS. Ty @pinknews for putting a highlight on the lawless deeds of doomed USA! @twitter respects persons - our Lord requires we preach to all!"

The account main account, @WBCSays, is still suspended but it appears the church has another main account with the handle @WBCSaysRepent. It currently has 27,000 tweets and 7,337 followers. There is also another account, @WBCSigns, with 1,290 followers and nearly 8,500 tweets.

According to the WBC's official website,, the members of the church no longer lists @WBCSays as their official account. Instead, the anti-gay group points followers to @WBCSaysRepent and @WBCMediaContact, in order to get their daily dose of hateful tweets and anti-gay rhetoric.

From our media partner EDGE