Hell hath no fury like a lesbian comic with a Catholic school education scorned.

From a cappella groups to classical virtuosi and acrobats, the New York City public transit system has always been a source of free entertainment for locals and tourists alike as they get from point A to point B in the greatest city in the world.

On Tuesday, a subway car full of commuters got more than their $2.50 worth of transit and entertainment when lesbian comedian and actress Lea Delaria, best known as butch inmate Big Boo from the hit Netflix series "Orange is the New Black," shouted down an evangelical subway preacher in the middle of one of his "you're all going to hell" sermons.

The event, which was captured on cellphone video and released through TMZ, starts with a subway preacher in mid-sermon telling the crowded D-train car.

"This is why America is in trouble," he said. To which DeLaria, clad in her "Bad Jew" t-shirt shouted back, "Religious fanatics are why America is in trouble."

The pair shouted over each other until the preacher referenced Sodom and Gomorrah and "the sin of homosexuality," at which point, DeLaria lost it on the guy.

"Jesus never said for you to do this." DeLaria shouted at the preacher. "Not anywhere in The Bible."

Un-flapped, the Leviticus-happy preacher attempted to retort but was quickly cut off by Delaria who said, "You better read me the whole thing, because about two lines after what you're about to read me, it's going to tell you that you're not allowed to eat pork. It's going to tell you not to wear clothes that are made out of mixed fiber."

Lea's true money line was when she told the preacher, "Don't come after me, because I went to Catholic school for twelve fucking years and I know every lie."

"As long as you keep talking; I'll keep talking." Lea promised to the Bible bigot. "If you want to press your faith go on to another train."

From our media partner EDGE