Video Footage Proves Bisexual Teen Who Killed His Bully Acted in Self-Defense

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A bisexual teen who is currently on trial for stabbing his alleged bully could possibly see his charges dropped due to a recently released video of the altercation.

Last September, 18-year-old Abel Cedeno was charged with manslaughter due to a fight that left Matthew McCree, 15, dead from multiple stab wounds.

According to the New York Post, lawyers state that a brief nine-second video now proves Cedeno was acting in self-defense after being attacked by a mob of students at Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation.

“We are confident that the Bronx County DA Darcel Clark will dismiss the case if she bothers to study the tape,” Robert Feldman, Cedeno’s lawyer, said. “Upon information and belief she is, at the least, gay friendly.”

Family of Cedeno state that the teen would often discuss being bullied by his fellow classmates  due to his sexual orientation. Iris Couvertier, a family friend, revealed that McCree and Ariane LaBoy, 16, who survived the attack, would often taunt Cedeno.

“Those two kids in the class, they hit him,” said family friend Iris Couvertier. “He said that they hit him in the face. He said it’s because he’s gay or bisexual.”

Despite, the evidence from the footage, Laboy’s lawyers believe that Cedeno is far from innocent.

“The killer’s lawyer is misrepresenting the video. This video clip shows the hero, an unarmed Ariane LaBoy bravely trying to stop the cold blooded killer from plunging a knife into his unarmed defenseless friend and the rest of his classmates,” Laboy’s lawyer, Matthew Blit, told The New York Post. “If Ariane did not step in, there would have been other victims.”

Cedeno currently remains on $500,000 bond and is being home-schooled while the case remains on trial.

Watch the clip below. Warning: Video contains violent content.

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