STORRS, CT (WFSB) -- Vandals added homophobic slurs to a popular exhibit being shown at the University of Connecticut.

Since the damage was spotted March 6, an investigation has been underway.

The exhibit is called "Speaking Out—Queer Youth in Focus."

"You've got to commend them for putting stuff like that up, in a public forum for people to see," said UConn graduate student Michael Bobenhausen. "The biggest thing they can do to set an example, I think, is to continue to do that."

A spokesperson for UConn said the derogatory comments were written on some of the pieces with slurs against the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and questioning) community.

"It's not healthy. We come to campus to make friends, study, right," said student Bhola Uberty. "It hampers the intellectual environment of the campus."

Some students said they have never felt this level of discrimination on campus, however, off campus student Bryce Wood said he has seen racism.

He said he recalls a night of karaoke that ended with a woman approached him.

"She basically said the n-word, she was drunk at that point, and she looked at me," Wood said.

It is an unfortunate memory that he said he feels relates to what those in the gay community on campus are experiencing with "Speaking Out."

"We're comfortable enough to put up posters of that nature but there are still people who are unsecure about it," Wood said.

The exhibit remains on display and police are searching for whomever is responsible for the vandalism.

From CNN Wire